What Is The Difference Between Greenworks And Greenworks Pro – Guide

Greenworks is a renowned brand in the realm of electric-powered outdoor equipment, offering a wide variety of tools to cater to both casual gardeners and professionals. The brand has two distinct lines: the standard Greenworks line and the Greenworks Pro line. But what distinguishes these two? Let’s delve into the specifics, breaking down the pros and cons of each.

Greenworks Outdoor Power Equipment, Lawn & Garden Tools (Standard)

The standard Greenworks line is targeted towards homeowners and casual gardeners. The equipment is designed for light to moderate tasks in relatively smaller spaces.


Affordability: Generally more budget-friendly, making it accessible for most homeowners.
Lightweight: The tools are often lighter, making them easier to handle for extended periods.
Sufficient for Everyday Tasks:** Ideal for regular garden maintenance like mowing small to medium-sized lawns, trimming bushes, and light-duty cleaning.


Lower Power: The standard line may not have the same power output as the Pro line, which can make tackling dense overgrowth or larger areas challenging.
Battery Life: Some users have reported shorter battery life in certain tools, which might necessitate frequent recharging during prolonged tasks.

Greenworks Standard Tips

  • Perfect for those with smaller gardens or yards and who require tools for occasional use.
  • Always check the battery compatibility if you have multiple Greenworks tools.

Greenworks Outdoor Power Equipment, Lawn & Garden Tools Pro

 As the name suggests, the Greenworks Pro line is tailored for professional users or homeowners with extensive gardening needs. These tools are robust, designed for heavy-duty tasks, and extended usage.


  • Higher Power Output: Built to tackle tougher tasks, from mowing large areas to cutting through dense vegetation.
  • Extended Battery Life: Pro tools often come with a more extended battery lifespan, allowing users to work for prolonged periods without interruptions.
  • Durability: Built with professionals in mind, the Pro line boasts a sturdier construction to withstand rigorous tasks and frequent use.


  • Price Point: The Pro tools are generally more expensive due to their enhanced features and durability.
  • Heavier: Because of their robust construction, they can be heavier, which might not be suitable for everyone.

Greenworks Pro Tips

 If you’re a professional landscaper or have a considerably large yard, investing in the Pro line can be beneficial in the long run. Even if you’re a homeowner but are keen on high-powered tools for specific tasks, consider the Greenworks Pro line.


Choosing between Greenworks and Greenworks Pro boils down to your specific needs:

For Casual Gardeners: If you’re looking for tools for light maintenance tasks and are conscious of budget, the standard Greenworks line might be a perfect fit.

For Professionals & Enthusiasts: If power, durability, and extended battery life are paramount, then Greenworks Pro would be the way to go.

Ultimately, both lines uphold the Greenworks commitment to environmentally-friendly tools, reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for gas-powered equipment.

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